47 Interesting psychology facts about human behavior

psychology facts about human behavior

Today, in this article, you will be going to explore 47 mindblowing psychology facts about human behavior.

Psychology is the best god-gifted interesting thing we got in our world.

Ever wondered how the human mind thought process works?

Psychology studies can help you to understand yourself and others in a better way.

Psychology helps us to know the emotion, feeling, behavior, perception, personality, of other people in a better way.

So let’s Explore 47 interesting facts about human psychology.   

  • A psychological study revealed that 73 percent of people get their best creative ideas in the shower.

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  • Psychologist says Chocolate, sex, and laughter are all important to a healthy brain.

Psychology facts about life

  • Psychology fun facts: 54 percent first-borns believe they are more responsible than their younger siblings, while 46 percent of younger siblings claim they are funnier.

people questions good things believe bad things without a seconds

  • A study shows that living in a place with high water visibility is significantly linked to lower levels of psychological distress.

your mind spends 70 percent of time replaying memories

  • Psychology facts about dreams: When you fly in your dreams, psychology says that you have a desire to express creativity & break out of your normal life.


  • Psychologist says, People who feel like they’re on a team, even when they’re working on their own, have increased intrinsic motivation compared to true loners.

appear more attractive to other person by telling funny things

  • The word “impossible” has dropped in use by 50% over the last hundred years.

Psychology facts about girl

  • If you have a song stuck in your head, one of the best ways to get it out of your head is to chew gum, according to study.


  • Friendship psychology: If a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last for a lifetime.interesting facts about people color choice
  • Psychology facts about love: A study finds that making fun at your other half makes your relationship strong. And it’s the inside jokes between couples which cement a bond. 
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  • Women psychology: Women tend to feel loved when talking face-to-face with their partners, while men feel emotionally close when they work. Play, or talk side-by-side. 

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  • Your taste in music can be an indicator of how smart or dumb you are.

orange smell relieves stress

  • Despite the world’s population increasing by about 2 lakh people every day, humans now feel more alone than ever before.

amazing facts about human behavior

  • Cool psychology facts: Having a pet in the office while working can help reduce stress and increase productivity, according to a study by Virginia commonwealth university.flirting is an effective way to reduce stress and loneliness
  • Dentists often have aquariums in their offices because they’ve been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Aquariums also reduce insomnia and high blood pressure effectively.

friends have lot of memory together

  • Relationship Psychology: Couple who go on a honeymoon are 41% less likely to file for divorce according to research conducted by a law firm in Sandiego.
    Psychological facts about girls
  •  Looking at cute pictures of animals while working can make you more productive.

late night people are creative and intelligent

  • Cuddling releases natural painkillers, oxytocin. It decreases headaches significantly. 

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  • According to a study, your attractiveness cannot be increased or decreased by changing your facial expression.

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  • Students psychology on jobs: A survey found that 85% of recent college grads are confident they’ll find work in their chosen field, but about two-thirds actually will.

average man gets bored during a shopping trip with wife

  • Psychology facts on human behavior: When kids see their father do things like cook and clean, they’re less likely to fall into stereotypical gender roles themselves.

sad mood indicate that you're missing someone

  • Your mind can sense someone staring at you even while sleep.

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  • An estimated 10-35 percent of the population has a photic sneeze reflex. A reflex that causes them to sneeze when suddenly exposed to bright light, such as sun or camera flashes.

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  • Psychology facts about human behavior: The reason we feel confident to sing in the shower is partly that the shower reverb of the shower boosts the voice, adds more bass and sounds more powerful, thus boosting the singer’s confidence to sing.
  • Weird psychology facts about people: according to Harvard university those people who have no friends can be as deadly as smoking.

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