36 Mysterious and Wonderful psychological facts about Love

psychological facts about love

In today’s post, we will represent you with 36 Mysterious and interesting psychology facts about love.

It is something that everybody in this world needs and without it, we can’t imagine our life.

It has the capacity to reduce stress, strengthen your relationship with others, and most importantly give the overwhelming experience of life.

We at Blogkart wanted to help you better understand the wonderful world of love.

So, let’s explore the mysterious psychological facts about love.

1. Cuddling or hugging released natural pain killer

cuddling or hugging can relieved your stress headache


2. Amazing facts about romantic desire.

human attraction chemical cortisol


3. A crush only lasts for a maximum of four months.

psychological studies on attraction


4. Psychologist says it is impossible to be “just friends” with a loved one. 

psychologists says just friends is romantic attraction


5. 20 seconds of hugging release a chemical called oxytocin.

psychologists says oxytocin thats make you trust someone more


6. The secret of stronger relationships.

psychology facts about couple


7. Woman psychology on long term relationship.

psychology facts about love and crushes


8. It’s impossible to remain angry for 3 days

psychology facts on desire couple


9. Long-term relationship secret

psychology of love


10. Your body has a “Vena Amoris” means Vein of love.

vena amoris the vein of love

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11. Men and women feel romantic differently.

attachment of men and women


12. The attractiveness of men and women.

attractiveness of men and woman


13. A broken heart is a medical condition

broken heart is a medical condition


14. Deeper voice men are more attractive.

deeper voice of men are more attractive to women


15. Interesting psychology facts about love

did you know facts about relationship


16. Facts about human behavior.

do you know facts


17. Forgiveness for someone who hurt you.

forgiveness for who hurt you emotionally


18. It helps to alleviate stress and fear.

good relationship alleviate stress and pain


19. Gratitude, generate an immediate spike in happiness.

gratitude generate an immediate spike of happiness


20. Relationship psychology

love facts about guys


21. Men in their early 20’s.

psychological facts about and crushes


22. Men under stress attract more to women.

psychological facts couple intimacy


23. Loved one picture can heal your pain.

psychological love facts


24. Psychology of attraction.

psychologists says woman attractiveness to men is more


25. True lover’s heart synchronize.

psychology of attraction


26. Passion + Commitment + Intimacy = Perfect Love

relationship psychology


27. You can fall for a stranger.

romantic attraction to strangers


28. Eventually, romantic love replaced by…….

romantic desire facts


29. weird fact about attractiveness.

romantic partners


30. Psychology of love.

sad scientific facts about love

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31. Lubhayati

sanskrit lubhyati meaning desire


32. A survey about men thought process.

sexiest part of a women according to man


33. Time to go online.

understanding human behavior


34. Romantic love is a journey.

weird but true-facts about desire intimacy committment


35. According to psychologists,

weird but true facts about relationship


36. In the end, the feeling of love itself is what matters most.

attachment desire between men and women

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